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Your top 10 survival tips home and abroad.

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1/ Don't be shy in reacting to danger a live fool is better than a dead delayer

2/ A 2 minute building study of entry exit points are useful if something happens

3/ If active shooter (gunmen) are thought to be near find somewhere to hide until help arrives

4/ If the locals start running run with them

5/ Move quickly through transport hubs (airports/train stations/bus depots etc)

6/ 90% of the time hotel staff can be trusted

7/ Try to stay below five floors in any hotel and looking rearward is best

8/ Never take a drink/chewing gum or food from anyone you do not know

9/ In some countries trusting the police can be dangerous ask your hotel staff first

10. Looking vulnerable, lost or distracted can attract the attention of bad people. Looking alert and confident can deter professional bad guys